oh baby baby-7 Top 10 Fashion Tips For Men How To Care Baby

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oh baby baby-7 Top 10 Fashion Tips For Men How To Care Baby

  1. It’s all about the Shoes Baby. You ever wonder why women are so obsessed with shoes? To tell you the truth I don’t really know myself, but you should be aware that shoes are a big part of a woman’s life and they will definitely notice what kind of shoes you are wearing. Always have 3-4 pairs of footwear that you keep clean, polished & in pristine condition; I recommend having 1 pair of dark brown dress shoes that will look good with jeans, 1 pair of sleek black dress shoes for slightly more formal occasions, get yourself some cool looking sandals for summertime outings, and when you go sporty go with a nice pair of white cross trainers. Never mix up sporty wear with formal shoes or the other way around, women WILL notice your shoes and if you’re sporting some ugly kicks then she’ll write you off fairly quickly as a guy who lacks style.
  2. Don’t be Afraid to Accessorize. A couple of cool accessories such as a nice watch, an interesting necklace or bracelet will add to your overall sex appeal. Get accessories that match with your overall style and appearance and remember not to go overboard with the accessories in terms of the bling factor. Use the power of three here, meaning you should not be wearing more than three accessories at any one time.
  3. Get Your Haircut By a Pro. maintain a consistent hairstyle that you get cut at least every 2 or 3 weeks by the same hairdresser, in general you should choose a man to cut your hair since I find them to be a bit more in tune with the style I want to achieve whereas the women will try more experimental things and cut your hair in a more feminine way. If you don’t know any good hairdressers then try out a few places in your area or find some opinions online about good ones in your area. Look at a few men’s magazines and find a style that you would like for yourself, show this to your hairdresser when you go in and ask for a similar style. Oh yeah, always remember to tip him at least a few dollars if he did a good job and keep going back to the same guy every few weeks
  4. Try a Tie? Yes, ties are really hot right now and women find them irresistible, you can wear them to work or even a night out. Don’t think that you have to be wearing a full suit to wear a tie. You can even some wear some nice jeans, a blazer jacket and a cool tie, this can be a pretty hip and stylish look that women will notice. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit here with ties with bold colors and patterns, you’ll stand out in to women in a good way.
  5. To Beard or Not To Beard? Ok, maybe a full beard is a bit too much but a little bit of facial hair can be quite attractive to women, just make sure that you get yourself a nice electronic beard trimmer to keep it all trim & tidy. Unkempt facial hair is a big turnoff for women, it shows that you don’t really have class and don’t care about your appearance. In general it is true that most women will prefer a clean shaven man but sporting a nice trim goatee or some five o’clock shadow just may do the trick and make the ladies melt.
  6. Don’t Be a Walking Logo. Try to avoid wearing clothing with big logos plastered all over it, nothing shows lack of class more than a walking billboard. Pick your clothes based on the clothing design itself and the fit and not based on the logo or brand name.
  7. Be a Hit with the Proper Fit. This is probably the biggest problem I see out there with men’s clothing, which is wearing clothes that do not fit properly. Wearing proper fitting clothes is probably the best thing you can do to improve your overall look and feel, no more wearing your big brothers hand me downs or clothes from when you were a different size, it’s time for you to shell out a few bucks and upgrade your wardrobe. You’ll only need about 3-4 solid outfits combined with at least 3 pairs of nice shoes to really get up to speed. Your clothes should not be too tight or loose but rather they should snugly fit the curves of your body without feeling tight or uncomfortable. Most men tend to wear clothing that is too large and baggy for their builds, don’t be one of them. Good fitting clothes will make you look much sharper and you’ll feel more confident and comfortable & women will notice this.
  8. Wear at Least one Interesting/Unique item. When you go out try to wear at least one unique item or accessory such as a watch, bracelet, hat, necklace, etc. The item should be unusual enough to stand out from the normal stuff you usually see people wearing. This serves two purposes, firstly it’s known as the pea cocking theory which is to wear an item that is so unique that you will have women stopping you and asking about it or if you’re already talking to a woman it can serve as a great conversation piece. Secondly, you may be perceived as being unique and interesting, it can also add a lot of depth to your personality if you can tell an cool little story about the item.
  9. Never Mix Apples & Oranges. Try to maintain a consistent look throughout your outfit, if you have a casual look up top with a nice dress shirt but a sporty look at the bottom with track pants then you’re on the wrong track. Keep your closet area divided up into three main sections: casual wear, sporty gear and formal wear. Also, follow the power of three when it comes to choosing colors, you shouldn’t be wearing more than three colors at one time unless you want to look like a box of skittles. Remember to keep it simple and cohesive at all times.
  10. Better to Be Overdressed than Underwhelming. If there’s a choice between being a bit overdressed or underdressed than choose to go for overdressed. Sure, you may stand out a bit but trust me, women are very fashion conscious and they will notice and appreciate the effort you made to look your best. You may even become the topic of conversation amongst a group of females. Being the center of attention is always better than looking like someone who doesn’t give a crap about his appearance.

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